The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Oil Changes

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of information out there when it comes to changing your car’s oil? We have created this blog specifically with that in mind. Here, you’ll find all the details regarding which type of oils are best for your vehicle and when exactly it is necessary to get an oil change service — taking away all the stress associated with being a first-time car owner!

Let’s Talk About Oils

There is a vast selection of oils to choose from, including

  • Conventional oil: Its the most common type — it contains no additives and is typically used for older vehicles.
  • Full-synthetic oil: This is highly refined, which makes it ideal for high-performance engines or towing applications.
  • Synthetic blend oil: This hybrid mix of fully synthetic and conventional base oils. It is a good option if you want a little extra performance without the higher cost of a synthetic oil change.
  • High mileage oil: Is designed to protect engines with over 75,000 miles and provide performance benefits.

Many Factors Affect Which Type of Oil Your Car Needs

Your Car’s Type

The oil that powers a high-performance sports car differs from the lubricant essential to keeping an SUV in motion. Consequently, it’s crucial to ensure you choose the right type of oil for your vehicle.

Your Driving Habits

Your driving habits can affect how long the engine oil will last. For example, suppose you usually drive in stop-and-go traffic. In that case, it’s wise to use synthetic oil, which has superior protection against premature wear on the parts of your car motor.

The Age of Your Car

You’ll want a synthetic or synthetic blend oil for newer cars to get the most out of your engine. On the flip side, conventional oils tend to be ideal for older vehicles.

The Weather Where You Live

During summer, higher temperatures can directly affect an engine’s oil performance. This includes how quickly it moves and its lubrication capabilities. As such, you may need to use a different type of oil in the summer than what you would use during wintertime

How Often Should You Change It

To ensure your car is running at its best, adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended oil change interval of 5,000 miles. You can check this with an oil-life monitor typically found within the instrument panel settings or under a part of your car. 

Mobile Oil Change Service Is What You Deserve

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Valet Oil Changes

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