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How We Help Protect the Environment


We use oil absorbent reclaim mats during every oil change to ensure that there is ZERO contamination of any surface or soil.

All of your spent oil is collected and later turned directly over to a recycler; so are the used oil filters.


We use large jerry cans to transport used oil to our holding tanks. These are reusable. This allows us to reduce the amount of plastic needed to ensure the spent oil does not leak and contaminate any surface or soil.

We store all spent oil and filters in large containment units while it waits to be taken by a recycler.

We also purchase new oil & filters in bulk when we can, to reduce the number of shipments needed to service our customers.


Spent oil and filters can be recycled. All of the spent oil and filters we collect are turned directly over to recyclers.

The oil is filtered and sorted and either turned back into base oil for reuse or used in industrial applications.

The metals from the drained filters are reclaimed and recycled as well!

Why choose us?

By choosing us you are helping limit the environmental impact of your vehicle

Valet Oil Changes

Valet Oil Changes is currently booked out until January 2024. We are working diligently to catch up and we look forward to serving you soon!