Mobile Oil Change vs. DIY: Making the Right Choice for Your Vehicle

Are you looking for more effective ways to get an oil change but unsure if going mobile or DIY is right for your car? You may have heard misconceptions about getting a mobile oil change – that it’s too expensive or risky and not worth the benefits. While DIY can be cheaper on paper, there are several advantages to opting for mobile services.

But the best way to decide is to have all the information. We understand that weighing all the pros and cons can be overwhelming, so this blog will help. Let us help break it down so you can choose whether to use a mobile oil change service or do-it-yourself. Keep reading!

Mobile Oil Change Services: Pros And Cons

The mobile oil change is becoming a popular choice for those who don’t have the time or skill to maintain their vehicles. A mobile oil change means that a professional comes to your location, changes your car’s oil and filter, and leaves your car in top condition. Here are the pros and cons you can expect from this service:


– Mobile oil change services are convenient and save you from doing it yourself.

– They’re often cheaper than going to a shop, and you can get additional services like tire pressure check for free. 

– Mobile services can handle all levels of oil change maintenance, from basic to more complex services like fluid changes and inspections.

– You get the assurance that the job is done right by a professional with experience.


– Due to their convenience, some businesses often charge you an extra fee for travel charges or fuel surcharges.

– Mobile oil change services don’t always come with warranties, so if something goes wrong, you may be on your own to deal with it.

DIY Oil Change: Pros And Cons

Do-it-yourself oil changes can be a great way to save time and money, but they also require you to know the car’s systems and the tools needed to work on them. Here are the pros and cons that come with doing an oil change yourself:


– Doing it yourself means you don’t have to pay anyone else for their services, which can be much cheaper than mobile oil changes.

– You can use the quality of materials that you prefer.

– Doing it yourself allows you to learn more about how your car works, which is helpful for maintenance in the future.


– DIY oil changes require more time and effort, especially since you need to pay extra attention to what you’re doing.

– It requires knowledge of the car’s systems and the tools needed for maintenance.

– If something goes wrong while doing the oil change, you may be unable to identify or fix it yourself.

– You may have to buy more parts than necessary if there is a problem with your car, which will cost you extra.

Prevent Any Damage To Your Car With Valet Oil Changes Services 

Being in charge of a car means a lot of work and responsibilities since the vehicle needs regular maintenance to keep running smoothly. But this doesn’t mean you must do all the work yourself. After all, you deserve good results to ensure everything is running smoothly, and you can achieve that with Valet Oil Changes.

Just follow these steps to get the services you need:

1. Contact us: Reach out to send us your location so we can come over and help.

2. Schedule an appointment: We will give you a convenient time for your oil change at home or work.

3. Enjoy your service: Our certified mechanics and technicians will do all the work so your car runs in top shape. 

We understand you may not always have the time to go to the workshop or do the oil change yourself, and that’s why we’re here to help. Don’t underestimate the importance of a reliable oil change; you could deal with serious problems later. Ensure you get the job done right – contact Valet Oil Changes today, and we will take care of everything!

Valet Oil Changes

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